Simple, useful apps and addictive games By Indrek Vändrik
Tap and Snow - Snowfight with balls
Are you fast enough to block all the snowballs flying to your face? You better be or you'll be a snowman in seconds
Luule - Eesti mõnusaim jõululuuletuste äpp
Enam ei saa lihtsam olla oma pakk jõuluvana käest kätte saada. Luule annab sulle 1444 Eesti keelset jõululuuletust otse telefoni. Vali luuletus, loe ja naudi kingitusi
CirlceBox - Boxes and Reflexes!
Simple reflex game with circles, colors and boxes
Timebite - Online time wasting tracker!
Chrome extension that shows you what is taking the biggest bites out of your day!
Annoy - World's most annoying gaming experience!
Simple but annoying game that takes every effort possible not to give up and just break your phone
LetsGo - Never miss an event again!
Simple event search app that allows you to select date, location and range and shows all the events that are happening.
ColorSkip - Game so simple you should just play it!
Reaction game where you have to tap the screen only when the text and the color doesn't match
LoveNote - The Modern Way of Saying "I Love You"
If you're in love why not share your love with LoveNote. Create a list of reasons and send it to your love with ease.
Trigger Reflex - Western themed duel game
Wild west, reflexes and duels at noon. Don't blink and be sure to shoot first as that's the only way to stay standing.
Fruity Fingers - Fast paced mobile reflex game
World's first fully vegan mobile game! Become a fruit smashing superhero and leave no fruit untouched. Be aware, the fruits are sneaky!
MisBiit - Eesti raadiotes hetkel eetris
Enam pole vaja pead murda, mis laul raadios hetkel mängib. Ava MisBiit ja vaata mis biit mängib. Info tuleb otse raadiojaamadelt nii, et kui raadio teab mida mängib, tead ka sina.
NomLog - Baby feeding tracker
Simple app to track your baby's eating times. Track amounts and food sources as well as setup notfications To know when it's time to eat.
President Run
Simple endless runner where you can run as one of the Estonia's 2016 presidential candidates. Player is running in the Tallinn City background.